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About Amber

Amber believes hypnotherapy is a very powerful, transformational, and natural way of helping people from various walks of life with anything they need alternative and/or complimentary assistance with. Always looking for ways of improving herself and her practice, she continually strives to be the best facilitator that she can be to help you! As a professional hypnotherapist, she ardently believes in the approach of client-centered therapy and means for helping the client achieve the best outcome they can receive. Amber is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT) and is proud to be your only Certified SoulKey Therapist in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Unique Services

Amber helps people with their issues and core concerns, especially when all other attempts to help have not met with success. With a passion for helping people, hypnotherapy is a wonderful way for Amber to realize her purpose. In addition, she is always seeking out more training and education to be able to serve more clients in more beneficial ways. What separates AmberLight Hypnosis, LLC from others, is her specialty of Soul Key Therapy! She also offers unique services that may be hard to find elsewhere such as: dream exploration, reconciling inner conflict, resolving unfinished business, past life regression, and Soul Key Therapy!

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Billing and Appointments

Hypnotherapy $200 per session (60-90 mins)

Past Life Regression Session—$100 (60-90 mins)      

All Sessions by Appointment Only

3- to 4-Hour SoulKey Therapy Session—$400


All Sessions by Appointment Only